3 Approaches to a Successful Photo Project

3 Approaches to a Successful Photo Project

Photo projects are magnificent when completed! You can share them with family and friends; you can just look at them yourself and reminisce about fun times.

Each person’s vision of a successful photo project is different. For some people, it’s having a photo book they could hold in their hands and share with others; for others, it’s having the pictures in one central location, organized chronologically; for yet others, it’s knowing that their original photos or slides are safe in an acid-free container.

But how to you get from here (unorganized photos, slides and digital images)

to there (Pictures stored in photo-safe boxes)

or there (Pictures digitized and on USB drives)

or there (Photo books)

One way to think about it is how much of your own time are you willing to devote to your photo project.

Approach #1 – Do it all yourself

This is great for folks who have the time and the desire to go through all the steps to create a fabulous photo project.

I’ve written some blogs that could provide guidance:
January’s blog contained questions you could ask yourself to get your project started: https://preciousmemsphoto.com/2019/01/new-years-resolution/

In July’s blog, DIY Print Photo Organizing, I discussed how to motivate yourself to start a photo project and some of the things that need to be considered: https://preciousmemsphoto.com/2019/07/diy-print-photo-organizing/

Approach #2 – Hand it all off to a Professional Photo Organizer
This is a wonderful solution for those who are too busy to go through their pictures and decide which to keep and which to toss. They don’t have the equipment to scan the pictures properly. They have no time to organize the images or create mementoes such as photo books.

To find out about why you should consider hiring a Professional Photo Organizer, please take a look at the November blog: https://preciousmemsphoto.com/2019/11/5-reasons-to-hire-a-photo-organizer/

Approach #3 – Work with a Professional Photo Organizer

This approach is the best of both worlds, leveraging your strengths and the Photo Organizer’s strengths.

Your strength is that you know your pictures, the people in them, the events and locations captured.

The Photo Organizer’s strength is the technical knowledge of scanning and organizing, as well as the experience of designing photo books. The Photo Organizer can also help you set up a Photo Hub where all your images are stored, and set up and maintain a backup system for your photos. If you choose to keep the original photos or slides, the Photo Organizer can provide guidance regarding the optimal storage solution for you.

In summary, there are as many successful photo projects as there are people – each one is unique. There is no right or wrong approach that works for everyone – the right approach is the one that works for you!

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