3 Fall Memory Makers

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3 Fall Memory Makers

Fall festivals and holidays are great memory makers! Preserve your memories in snapshots of activities. For example, creating a photo book or a photo collage to be framed is a wonderful way to remember this season throughout the year.



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Halloween photos show children grow over the years. Viewing the photos, you can see how tall they were, and what kind of characters they wanted to be in any given year.  Indeed, you can see the children evolve their costume choices.  First they have cute costumes, then they want to be Disney characters.  Eventually, they want to be super heroes, and finally they go on to more abstract costumes.

As a photo organizer, I’ve seen Halloween photos from the 1940’s and 1950’s of people who are now mature adults, or even, sadly, no longer with us. It’s heartwarming to see this tradition continue yet evolve over the years.

We used to go door to door in our neighborhood, yelling “Trick or Treat”, expecting all sorts of candy. That has evolved to festivals at school parking lots, where the kids get into their costumes and go from the trunk of one car to the next collecting their candy.



Fall is a great time to enjoy the bounties of fields and orchards. We’ve gone apple picking and pumpkin carving. It’s always lots of fun to plan, then execute, and finally, enjoy the experience.


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Pumpkin carving was always a great event at our house. The children designed the face of the Jack-o-Lantern. My husband would then patiently and carefully carve along the lines the children drew.



What would fall be without the Thanksgiving holiday? A time for families to reunite and share their stories and adventures of the previous year.


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Families also share their plans for the upcoming year.

We think about what we’re thankful for in the past year, and what we hope for in the upcoming year.

Like most families, we’ve rotated the celebration to different family members to alleviate the burden of cooking all the expected goodies.

If you need guidance on how to preserve wonderful fall memories, or prefer to have someone take care of these for you, please contact me at www.PreciousMemsPhoto.com

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