3 Ideas for Keeping Memories Alive

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3 Ideas for Keeping Memories Alive

Keeping memories alive is very important in order to pass along family history.  Do you wonder how to organize a lifetime of photos and memorabilia?  Read this blog to get three great ideas!


I spent much of Spring Break retrieving the memories of my father-in-law and brother-in-law.  They both died too young.  I scanned pictures, letters, and documents.  I scanned the photos and memorabilia on a portable photo scanner.  I scanned the documents and letters on an all-in-one printer/scanner, at 300 dpi.


My plan is to compile these items into photo books, and give the books as presents so that their memories could be passed along to future generations.

What is the best way to accomplish keeping a person’s memory alive?  There is no one right or wrong answer.  Here are three suggestions:

  1. Chronological order

Find the pictures and documents that best illustrate the person.  Start with their baby pictures and work your way through the many stages of their lives.

  1. Characteristic order

Look for meaningful pictures which show who they really were.  Were they happy?  Loving? Adventurous?

  1. Subject order

Some of the subjects I’ve used in creating memory photo books include: Family, Travel, Career and Hobbies.

The approach could be dictated by the number of pictures and documents you have.  If you have just a few, go with what you have.  If you have a lot, you probably need to be more selective.

Alternatively, the approach could be determined by the person’s personality.  If they held one part of their lives dear to them, it would make sense to use more pictures to portray this.

If you need help or guidance in scanning photos or creating a photo book, please contact PreciousMemories at www.PreciousMemsPhoto.com/Contact

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