3 Popular Holiday Season Gifts

personalized holiday calendars

3 Popular Holiday Season Gifts

What could be a better gift than reliving good memories?  It could be memories from the previous year or memories of a lifetime or even memories of a specific vacation.

These are my favorite gifts:


I found that a great way to relive the previous year and share the memories with family is to create a calendar with pictures of the children, grandchildren and special events that occurred during the year.  This is an example of the type of calendar I design.  It includes birthdates and pictures of the person, holidays and pictures:













Book of Lifetime Memories

This is an awesome gift to give someone for the holidays or for their birthday.  You tell the story of someone’s life, in pictures.

This entails collecting pictures and memorabilia over the life of the recipient.  You get pictures from childhood, through adulthood and on to older ages.  They always love the book and share it with all their friends!










Remembering a Great Vacation

A special vacation or event is a great subject for a holiday book gift.  We’ve taken some great vacations and I created books to remember them by and sent a book to our travel companions.  Looking through the books helped relive the wonderful experience.



If you would like help or guidance on any of these gift ideas, or other photo gift ideas, contact PreciousMemories at amira@PreciousMemsPhoto.com

Any of these gifts take time to organize the photos and design the end results.  November is a great time to get started on gift photo projects.

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