3 Reasons to Hire a Professional Photo Organizer


3 Reasons to Hire a Professional Photo Organizer

You have tons of pictures and you’re a DIYer.  Why on earth would you hire a Photo Organizer to do what you could do yourself?

These are the top three reasons to go with a professional:


Professional Photo Equipment

A professional Photo Organizer would have the equipment and the knowledge to scan your material.  Before I became a Photo Organizer, I scanned some old family pictures with my iPad.  I thought they came out pretty good – until I became a Photo Organizer and realized that they were not good at all.

1962 or 1963

To the left is an example of a picture scanned with my iPad.  You can certainly see the pictures, but you can also see shadows and reflections.

Below is a similar picture scanned with a photo scanner:









Enhancements and Restoration

Many pictures have faded or yellowed over time.  Some have been well-loved and have become creased.  These are some examples of what a professional Photo Organizer could do for your photos:


Slides fade and discolor in their own way.  These are examples of how slides fade and could be enhanced:

It Will Get Done!

Most importantly, your pictures, slides and photo albums will get digitized!

I know someone who has lamented for years that she did not want to go to a Photo Organizer.  She gave her pictures to a family member who agreed to scan the pictures whenever she had some free time.  Free time never happened.

She scanned a few pictures herself on her all-in-one printer/scanner.  She quickly got tired of doing the pictures one at a time.

A professional Photo Organizer has the right equipment, experience and commitment to get the project done in a timely manner.  As an example, I worked with a client who ended up having almost 4,500 pictures!  This project was completed in 3 ½ weeks!

If you need help getting a photo scanning project off the ground, you can contact PreciousMemories at www.PreciousMems.com.



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