3 Top Reasons to Scan an Entire Album

3 Top Reasons to Scan an Entire Album


There are many reasons to scan entire albums rather than take the pictures out and scan the photos individually.  I will concentrate on the top three reasons.

Photo Albums and Scrapbooks convey more than just the pictures on the page.  They tell the more complete story of the event by including memorabilia such as tickets, brochures and labels.  They also impart the love and patience the creator has for preserving these memories.


  1. Scrapbooks

I highly recommend scanning entire scrapbook pages.  Scrapbook pages are typically 12” x 12”.  The creator has thoughtfully selected a background, interesting cutouts and the best pictures to tell the story of the event.


  1. Old Photo Albums

The photo albums from the 1930’s and 1940’s typically have black pages, and the pictures are often glued directly to the pages.  Sometimes there are labels hand-written with white ink.  To preserve the album and prevent a lot of handling of the original, I recommend placing the scanned album in an archival sleeve.  If you want to look at the album or share it with the family, you can review the scans.


  1. Albums with Labels

Any photo album with labels or other memorabilia would be a good candidate for scanning the entire page.

To read more about scanning entire pages of albums versus the individual photos, you can read my blog from October, 2020:  https://preciousmemsphoto.com/2020/10/how-to-preserve-photo-albums-6-ideas/

If you need help or guidance, or would like to start a photo album project, please contact me at amira@PreciousMemsPhoto.com or visit the website www.PreciousMems.com

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