4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Photo Organizer

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4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Photo Organizer

There are many reasons to hire a professional photo organizer. This article talks about the top four reasons. It seems hard to justify hiring a professional photo organizer. Especially since organizing your own photos should be something you can do for yourself.

But looking at all your photos and albums could become overwhelming.  Where to start!  How to go about it?  What to do first?  If you purchase equipment, what will you do with it when the project is done?

 One option is to carefully curate your photos to be sure that you keep the very best ones; another option is to hand the whole collection over to a professional photo organizer.  In either case, these are the advantages:

Quality and Speed of Scanning Prints

A professional photo organizer has the equipment and the knowledge to quickly scan many photos at a high resolution.  The higher resolution will allow you to enlarge the image, either on your computer screen or when printing a larger photo.

Organizing Digital Photos Chronologically

Many photo cloud services organize your photos chronologically.  But sometime the photos are all mixed up.

A professional photo organizer uses software which reads the meta-data of the photos and organizes them into folders by year and month.  The resulting, organized, folders could look like this:

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De-duplicating Digital Photos

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Now that everyone has a cell phone, we find that we take many photos of the same thing.  We do this just to be sure we got the perfect image.  But this results in many duplicates and near duplicates.


When you want to show your friends a photo of an event, you often have to scroll through many duplicates to get to the photo you want.  A professional photo organizer uses software to ferret out the duplicates and the near-duplicates.


In this example, the program found three batches of duplicates.  The top two includes three duplicates, the bottom row shows two duplicates.  The program suggests deleting the images in Red.




Getting the Job Done!

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Most importantly, the professional photo organizer treats your project as a job and is sure to get it done!


The professional photo organizer looks at your photos and images with an objective eye.  They do not have the emotional attachment to the photos and the events captured in the photos.  This distance allows them to get the photos scanned and organized.  They don’t go down memory lane, remembering people and places from the past.

This is probably the very best reason to hire a professional photo organizer!


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