5 Goal Items for a Successful Photo Organizing Project

5 Goal Items for a Successful Photo Organizing Project

Setting goals is the first thing to do to ensure a successful Photo Organizing project

You have tons of pictures!  Pictures you took; pictures from your grandmother; digital pictures on your phone.  How do you get your arms and head wrapped around organizing this mess to something that is shareable and enjoyable?

As with any large project, the first thing to do is to set goals.  The goals need to be achievable for the project to be successful.


There are 5 considerations for setting up a successful Photo Organizing project:

Visualize your completed project

What do you hope to achieve by completing this photo project – is it going to be a legacy for your children, or do you want to make your photos more accessible?  Do you envision your pictures all organized, de-duplicated, backed up and shareable?  Do you want a photo book or a photo album?

Assess your starting point

How much “stuff” do you have?  Do you have prints, slides, negatives, scrapbooks, digital pictures, videos?

Depending on the size of the collection, it may make sense to start before all the material is gathered, or to define a subset of the collection, and work the project one successful step at a time.

Decide on the quality of the final product

Many prints and slides fade over time.  The results are best when the scans are taken at a high resolution and enhanced.

Determine youR timeline

If the project is for a particular event, such as a wedding or graduation, then the project should be completed at least one week prior to the event.  If there is no particular rush a large project could be carved up into smaller projects.

Decide on a budget

In my experience, the most successful projects – the ones where the clients were most satisfied – were the projects in which the client had a clear idea of the total cost

These are 3 examples of successful projects I’ve worked on:

    • The client was the executrix of her father’s estate. She wanted to gather the highlights of his life and share the pictures with her brother.  She sorted through her parents’ vast collection of pictures to select the best pictures which could be scanned within her budget.  We worked together to determine how many pictures to include.
    • The client had several photo albums he wanted to send over-seas. He wanted to keep good-quality scans of the pictures in the albums.  He needed to have the pictures removed from the albums, scanned, and replaced into the album.  This needed to be done within two weeks.  I hired my niece to help remove and replace the photos, and got the project done in one week.
    • The client had hundreds of slide carousels. She worked diligently through the slides, throwing out the unwanted ones, and followed my instructions for labeling groups of slides.  I scanned the reduced number of curated slides as they became ready.  This allowed the project to progress, the client continued reviewing the slides, and it fit into her budget to spread the project out over time.


If you need help or guidance on starting a photo project, please contact PreciousMemories at amira@PreciousMemsPhoto.com

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