5 Ways to Save Memories Stuck in Albums

5 Ways to Save Memories Stuck in Albums

Do you have old photo albums with sticky pages?  Sometimes the pictures pop right off or the pages are no longer sticky, and the pictures slide off.  But in many cases the pictures are completely stuck.  Here are some ideas of how to work with these sticky albums

1. Scanning the entire page

Scanning the entire page captures any labels and memorabilia included on the page.  Sometimes people include ticket stubs or brochures to tell a more complete story.

The downside is that it takes a little longer to scan the entire page, especially if the album is spiral bound.  These pages cannot be taken out to lay flat on the scanner.  Also, if the album is quite old, the pictures may be discolored.


2. Scanning individual pictures from the page

This is done by placing the page on the scanner and selecting the individual pictures.  This results in an image for each photo.  The image could be enhanced to restore the colors in the photo.

The downside of this option is that it does take a little longer to scan, as noted above.  I have also noticed that sometimes the pictures had been placed on the page crookedly.  This results in the image being skewed.


3. Using dental floss

If you can lift one corner up, you could then slide un-waxed dental floss under the picture to lift it out.  You need to be careful that the dental floss doesn’t cut into the side of the picture.


4. Lifting a corner

If you cannot lift any of the corners, you can get under the picture with a paring knife, a painter’s spatula, or a solvent such as UnDo.  Again, you need to be very careful to not slice the picture.  If you use a solvent, you need to be especially careful to not smudge the colors on the photograph.



5. If all else fails

As a last resort, you could cut the pictures out of the album with the backing.


You could get a pair of scissors between the front and back sides of the page, or you could cut the picture out with a craft knife, such as X-Acto.  Again, you need to be very careful to cut out the pictures you want and NOT cut through the pictures you also want.

As you could image, this is a time-consuming process!

If you need help or guidance, or if you prefer to turn it over to a professional Photo Organizer, please contact me at amira@PreciousMemsPhoto.com or check out the website www.PreciousMems.com


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