Four Photo Ideas for Virtual Family Gatherings


Four Photo Ideas for Virtual Family Gatherings

No one can argue that 2020 has been a bummer of a year.  Between COVID and the politicizing of the virus and its mitigation, it’s a year well-worth forgetting.

But things still happened, the kids continued to grow, celebrations were done in novel ways, and, unfortunately, many of us lost loved ones.  All of these events, good and bad, are worth remembering.

I, for one, was looking forward to getting together with my family, in person, to see how they’re doing, catch up, and commiserate about this year.  But we decided that for the health of everyone concerned, especially my husband’s 94 year old mom, it would be safer to visit virtually.

So, what are some things that could be done to make the virtual visits more fun and engaging?  Here are four ideas you can use:

  • You can create a short photo book summarizing the past holidays. The book could be distributed before the holiday, and everybody could look through it during a virtual meeting.  It would be fun to see what we were doing during this holiday so many years ago, see how the kids have grown, recall stories that had been told around the table.
  • Another thought is to create Christmas tree ornaments with copies of favorite photos. You could take photographs of people you would like to see, glue them to a piece of cardboard in the shape of a Christmas ornament, and hang their pictures on the tree.  It might almost feel like they are close.  Or you could have the photo ornaments made at companies such as Mpix.
  • A recipe book with family favorites is another way to bring far-flung families together. The foods could be made at each house and enjoyed together at the same time in a virtual meeting.  Blurb is a great publisher for this type of book.
  • A memorial book for a loved one who passed away in 2020. This book could be compiled as a group effort by sharing photos and stories.  One person could be the “editor” – collecting the photos and stories and creating a book to be shared by the entire family.PreciousMemories can help with all aspects of these or any other photo projects.  We can digitize prints, slides and negatives; we can help select the best images for your project; we could help select the best on-line publishers to get your project done.We can be contacted at or by going to the contact page on our website:


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