From Chaos to Organized in 5 Steps

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From Chaos to Organized in 5 Steps

Have your photos resided in a box for decades, and now you can’t remember anything about them? Would you like to see the pictures again and share them with friends and family?

Do your photos look like this:


But you would love to have them look like this:

You can follow these five steps to get your photo collection from chaos to organized and shareable.


1. Set a Goal

If you have a large photo collection, perhaps you’ve inherited your mother’s or grandmother’s photos, how would you start approaching the task? It looks so overwhelming!The best approach is to set manageable goals either daily or weekly. You could work on one album or one box at a time. Eventually, the task will get done!

2. Select the photos

Curating your photos is an important part of this process. Stay focused on the end goal: Having a beautiful photo collection that tells a good story. To achieve this you would need to remove duplicates, the near-duplicates, the blurry pictures and the meaningless pictures – such as floors or ceilings. You want to keep the photos that tell a story or help you remember people.

It may sound harsh, but photos of landscapes you no longer remember or even people you no longer remember could all be tossed.

3. Sort for Clarity

As you’re reviewing the photos you should sort them, so that it will be clear to those who view the photos later the story you’re trying to convey. You could sort by person, by year, by event – whatever is most meaningful to you and makes sense with the particular photos.

4. Save the photos

Of course, you will want to save your work! You could save the work on the hard drive on your computer, an external hard drive or a cloud-based provider. I would highly recommend redundant backups. The best backup strategy is the 3-2-1 approach: You should have three backups: two on site and one off-site.

5. Share the photos

This step is the most fun part! The reason for doing the previous four steps. Sharing the photos could be done by creating photo books with the best photos or by creating an on-line shareable repository on sites such as Amazon Prime Photos (free with Amazon Prime membership) or paid services such as Forever.

To learn more about organizing your photos, you could follow this link to the Save Your Photo Month information at The Photo Managers:
month/, or contact me at

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