Looking Forward to 2021

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Looking Forward to 2021

As we leave the year 2020 behind, we remember those we have lost, as well as trips not taken, friends not seen, and events not attended.

But, has anything good happened in 2020?  Is there anything at all to be grateful for in 2020?  Are there learnings we could take forward to 2021?  My answer is Yes – there are some things:  Many of us are lucky to have the technology to see friends and attend events remotely.  This is an option that will probably continue to be more available and more used in the future

The year 2020 has forced many of us to clean our closets and to introspection.  This is a good combination for photo organizing.  The time not being spent doing “normal” things like commuting or visiting, could have been spent going through albums and boxes of photos to select the best ones.  The quiet time provided the space to determine the value of a photo.

Value of a Photo

When deciding on the value of a photo, it’s more important to think about the story the photo tells rather than the photographic quality of the photo.  For example, the only photo you have of your favorite cat, even if it’s a blurry picture, is more important than a perfectly composed landscape that you can no longer identify.

The value of a photograph is determined by the stories and memories it evokes.  A photographer will certainly tell you otherwise.  But a Photo Organizer is more concerned about the legacy the photo will provide.

The objective of Photo Organizing is to leave a visual memory for your children and grandchildren, and to share the pictures with extended family and friends.  The purpose of organizing the pictures is to have them easily accessible so they could be looked at and enjoyed by others, as well as yourself

To Take Forward

Photo collections are some of the most meaningful legacies you can leave for future generations.  Having the ability and knowledge to curate the collection, ruthlessly tossing the less meaningful pictures, and keeping the very best ones, is a wonderful skill.  It can be used to manage a photo collection of any size.


Having messy, unorganized pictures is a deterrent to sharing and enjoying them.  They say that messy memories are forgotten memories.

Sharing memories through pictures is an excellent way to stay connected during these difficult times.  There are many picture sharing applications on the web.  Some just allow sharing of pictures, others include the ability to capture a written story, or even an audible story.

If you would like to get some guidance on how to organize your photo collection, or would prefer to turn the entire mess over to a professional photo organizer, please contact amira@PreciousMemsPhoto.com to set up a virtual session to go through your pictures.


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