New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Resolution

Another new year – another set of resolutions!

We all know about Losing Weight, Eating More Healthily, and Saving Money.  There are lots of statistics showing what people resolved and whether they followed through.  

One of the top ways to ensure achieving the resolution is to have a plan.The habits you want to break took years to evolve!  Without a plan, it would be almost impossible to break them.  And the secret to changing ingrained behavior is to start with small steps.

The resolution that I would encourage you to add to your list is to get your photos organized.  If you have physical photos or slides, I would encourage you to get them digitized.  If your photo collection is already digitized, I would encourage you to organize them so you could find that specific photo whenever you want, by creating a photo hub.  If your digital photos are already in a photo hub, I would encourage you to review last year’s pictures, curate them, and add them to the hub.

If your photo collection is like many I’ve seen, it seems like an overwhelming task to get the pictures organized.  The trick to getting your pictures organized is to start small.  First of all, assess what you have, then you can start with one year, or one box, or one event.  

You also need to think about what you would like the finished product to look like.  Are you interested in digitizing prints or slides and looking at them on the computer or on the TV?  Are you interested in photo books?  Do you want to keep the physical prints?

Here are some questions you could ask yourself to form the plan:

  • What do I have:
    • Do I have prints?
    • Are the prints loose or in boxes?
    • Are the prints in photo albums?
    • Do I have slides?
  • Are the slides in carousels?
    • Do I have digital pictures?
  • What do I want to end up with:
    • Do I want to keep the physical prints or slides?
    • Do I want to have a photo book created with the digitized images?
    • Do I want to view the digitized images on the computer or the TV?
  • How involved do I want to be in the Photo Organizing process:
    • Do I want to do it all myself – digitize, organize, share?
    • Do I want somebody else to take it all on, digitize everything?
    • Do I want to invest the time to curate the collection, then let someone else digitize and organize?
  • Do I have a budget for this effort?

The answers to these question will help you form a plan.  The pictures have probably been accumulating for years – it will take a little while to organize them, so allow for a budget and for time to get the photo organizing project completed.

If you need help or guidance in creating a plan, please contact me at

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