• Print photo organizing

    • Organizing loose pictures is a multi-step process.
    • PreciousMemories can walk you through the process or do it for you.

    • The end result is organized images in clearly identifiable folders.

  • Digital photo organizing

    • Nowadays, everyone has images on their phones, tables, computers and SD cards.

Digitize and Organize Photos Texas
    • PreciousMemories will consolidate the photos from the various devices and create a Photo Hub on your main computer, so all the pictures are in one place.


  • USB Drive

    • Pictures, slides and negatives are digitized and copied to a 16G USB drive.

    • Once the project is complete, the slides and prints could be placed in photo-safe archival boxes for storage.

  • Prints

    • Prints could be organized in various ways, or placed in presentation boxes.

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