Photo Organizing for DIYers


Photo Organizing for DIYers

Photo Organizing is a great DIY project.  The sense of satisfaction of doing something yourself is really awesome!  Consequently, you can proudly display your accomplishment to anyone who is willing to listen.

If you’ve never tackled a Photo Organizing project, you may want to hire a Professional Photo Organizer to provide guidance in setting up the project. 

The Photo Organizer would help ensure the success of your project.  She will help you determine how to divide a huge project into bite-sized chunks so success is achievable and visible. 

There are several ways to work cooperatively with a Photo Organizer. 

Guided Approach

One way could be to set up one-hour zoom meetings once a week or twice a month.  In these meetings, the Photo Organizer will assess your needs.  Additionally, she will help you think through what needs to be done, share her experience and provide guidance and support.

She will assign homework that you would need to do on your own between meetings.  In the next scheduled meeting, the Photo Organizer will check on your progress and answer any questions which might have come up.

Train Once and Done

Another option is to have one-on-one training, and then you can go off and execute the project. Arrangements will need to be made if additional questions arise.

Hybrid Approach

Even when working on your own, you may want to think about giving parts of the project to the Photo Organizer.  For example, if you don’t have photo scanners and are not interested in purchasing them, you may want to consider letting the Photo Organizer do the scanning.

In this scenario, you would do the pre-scan organizing.  This entails ensuring there are no (or very few) duplicates and putting the photos in  your preferred order.  Organizing could be by date, person, or event.

The Photo Organizer would handle the actual scanning. 

Afterwards, you can do the post-scan organizing.  Additional actions include setting up a backup system and creating a photo book which could be shared with others.


The advantages of organizing your own photos include the satisfaction of doing it yourself, learning how to organize photos, the thought process necessary to succeed, and reduced cost. 

The downside is that Photo Organizing is a time-consuming endeavor and if you don’t have the time or want to devote time to this project, it will languish and not get completed.

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