Spring Cleaning Your Photo Collection

Spring Cleaning Your Photo Collection

Are you tired of thinking about your messy photo collection, and would like to do something about it?

There are several steps to organizing photos, some could be delegated, some are best done by you.

The steps are:


  • Sorting
    • Once the photo collection has been located, you always have the option to turn the entire mess over to a Photo Organizer. The Organizer will ask you some questions to get a better idea of what is important to you.
    • If you prefer to sort the pictures yourself, you could refer to this blog for guidance: https://preciousmemsphoto.com/2018/05/abcs-of-photo-sorting/


  • Digitizing
    • To achieve good quality images, it’s best to use photo scanners. Using your phone, iPad or printer/scanner will generate ok images, but not high quality images.  If you have a photo scanner, and prefer to scan your own, you could always do that.
    • If you prefer to have the scanning done in a timely manner with professional equipment, it’s best to contact a Photo Organizer, such as PreciousMemories to help with this step.
  • Consolidating
    • Creating a Photo Hub, one location where all the images are organized is another thing that you could do on your own.
    • Alternatively, this task could be turned over to a Photo Organizer.
  • Backing up

  • Sharing
    • This is the most fun step – when you can show your family and friends the results of your hard work.
    • Some people take pleasure in creating their own photo books or family photo websites.
    • Others would prefer to have this done for them by a Photo Organizer.


If you need help or guidance with any of the steps, please contact PreciousMemories at www.PreciousMems.com.


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