Summer Vacation Memories

Summer Vacation Memories

I always loved summer and the vacations taken!  As far back as I can remember, we’ve always gone someplace.  Sometimes it was to the beach, sometimes to the mountains; sometimes to US National Parks, sometimes overseas. Sometimes we were with friends or family, sometimes it was just the two of us. Wherever we went, we always took lots of pictures!

But what do you do with all the pictures once you’re back home, and life continues at its hectic pace?

The first thing to do is to collectall the pictures.  In our latest vacation, I had pictures on my camera, on my phone, my husband’s phone and my kids’ phones.  To collect the pictures, I transferred all the pictures that were on-premises to a designated directory on my laptop.  These pictures came from my camera, my phone, and my husband’s phone.  I created a folder for our summer trip on DropBox, and asked the kids to upload their pictures to this directory.

The collection step does not take too long.  It may take 30 minutes to an hour to upload the pictures.

Once all the pictures have been collected, they need to be curated.  That means duplicates and near-duplicates need to be deleted, the best pictures need to be selected by tagging them.  The goal is to get to the very best 200 to 300 pictures.  I’ve found that this is the optimal number of pictures for a nice book, and for people’s patience to look at pictures!

Curating the pictures is actually the most time-consuming step.  I find it hard to stay focused and stay ruthlessly on-task to get this done. I find myself re-living the event in the picture, and this makes it difficult to objectively judge the pictures to either delete them or not select them.  

After the pictures have been curated, the very best 200 to 300 should be sharedand enjoyed.  Sharing the pictures could be done is several different ways:  a physical photo book could be created, or an on-line photo album could be created with links sent to all interested parties.

Sharing the pictures is almost as much fun as the actual vacation!

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