Great Vacation Photo Books

vacation photo books

Great Vacation Photo Books

Vacations are so restorative! They get you away from the hustle and hassle of everyday life. A great way to remember those wonderful days is to capture each moment with photos, and then create a photo book.

My husband and I love to travel. We love seeing parts of the world we had not seen before and experience new things. We recently returned from a trip to Europe. We got to see the Swiss Alps and castles along the Rhine River. We got to make chocolate! We saw Switzerland, France,
and Germany.


Creating the Photo Book:

Creating the photo book is time-consuming but lots of fun.

You feel like you’re reliving the vacation! It’s time-consuming because it’s difficult to stay on task to select the very best, most telling photos. With every picture, I go down memory lane, thinking about what we did, what it felt like, what it smelled like.

I take pictures of sights, people, food, signs, and activities. I scan the memorabilia I’ve collected during the trip. I scan such things as maps, brochures, ticket stubs, napkins imprinted with restaurant names – you name it!


Selecting Photos for the Book

The hard part is selecting the very best one hundred to two hundred pictures. Selecting fewer than one hundred pictures causes the photo book to look sparse. Selecting more than two hundred pictures overwhelms people and they lose interest.


I select the pictures which are in focus and have depth. Photos that tell a story or elicit an emotion are the best. The photo should prompt the viewer to ask questions.

I copy the selected photos to a separate folder. This makes it easy to find the right picture. It also prevents me from the distraction of looking at more photos and second-guessing myself.

I upload a few pictures at a time to the on-line application to create the book. In the past, I uploaded all the selected pictures, but that proved to be very cumbersome. It was difficult to sift through all the pictures. Some on-line applications sort the photos by date, others by name. Some applications allow you to hide the pictures you’ve used. This is very useful in reducing the clutter of viewing pictures you’ve already used.


Sometimes the pictures need a little bit of help to make people understand what they’re looking at. Having a few labels on the page makes the story of the photo book page clearer.

The labels I like include the place and the date. If there are additional pictures on the page which are not self-evident, I add labels for those specific photos.

The result is a wonderful memory of a great vacation!

If you need help or guidance on creating a photo book, or would like to have a photo book created for you, please contact me at, or visit my website at

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