Year-round Summer Memories

personalized photo book

Year-round Summer Memories

What better way to preserve summer memories than to create a photo book.  The photo book could then be shared with everyone!

Gathering Memories

When my kids were little, they spent two weeks with their cousins at my parents’ house in upstate New York.  We called it Grandpa and Grandma Summer Camp.  It gave the cousins a chance to bond, and it gave my husband and me, as well as my brother and his wife a couple of weeks without the kids.

My parents kept the kids very occupied:

They played pretend in the house:

Hiking was always fun:

They went to Hoffman’s Playland:


My parents took them on day trips around their house:  


As well as day trips into New York City to walk around the city and to give them an appreciation for art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art:  


My husband and I now look forward to seeing our grandkids.  We take them hiking and to amusement parks.


What to do with the Gathered Memories

A great way to keep these fun memories fresh is to create a photo book with the images, and gift a copy of the book to the families involved.

Creating the photo book is fun and fairly easy, but it could be time-consuming.  You can take a look at this blog to help you decide how to do it:

There are so many ways to organize a photo book!  If it’s a place where you have gone as a child, and now your kids are going there, you can place the old and new pictures side-by-side.  This will show your kids continuity.  You will also be able to see how the location has changed over the years.  But, most importantly, how the people have changed over the years!

If you would like some help or guidance on any part of the process of creating a photo book, please contact PreciousMemories at

Have a wonderful, memorable summer!

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